When the audience seems to capture the universe that I have been a part of creating for a story that is magical.
After the film school I started working with production designer Anna Asp, who has worked with many of the great directors and who won an Oscar for Fanny & Alexander. I learned a lot about period films, research and the importance of details. I worked with a number of production designers for a period and it gave me important knowledge about the dramaturgy of the place and how the actors use the space in film. Lenses and lighting are an irreplaceable knowledge I got from the photographers.
The close relationship between the director, the D.O.P and the production designer is of great importance for the film process which is complex and the more prepared you are the more freer you can be during shooting.

Between light and dark, a visual concept is created through a teamwork.

I been working in the north /south/west and east of Sweden and and internationally as Denmark, Germany ,Bosnien och Hercegovina , Los Angeles and Miami .